About Us

Emerging Travel is an online travel group based in Delaware, USA. The company operates brands RateHawk and ZenHotels in 190+ source markets. Our products help customers select and book all types of accommodation from over 2 M options in 220 countries.
Our goal is to enable customers to plan all aspects of travel for work and for pleasure.
Emerging Travel Group has been founded in 2010, and today employs more than 2.000 people across Europe, Americas, Middle East, the CIS and South Africa in roles ranging from product and business development to specialized multilingual customer support for all our customers, whether they are trade partners or individuals simply booking their hotels online.
Our Mission
To enrich everyone’s travel experience around the world through cutting edge technology and excellent customer service
Our Values
  • 01
    Clients first
    Customers are on the pedestal of our world — everything is built around their needs. All our decisions and considerations, whether commercial, technological or operational, should be driven by the utmost care for our customers and agents.
  • 02
    Technology over operations
    We relentlessly strive to automate everything that can and should be automated, where it makes sense. We believe that minimizing human error using smart technology is the most effective way to get the best out of the complex and imperfect travel industry.
  • 03
    Everyone is unique
    All people are different. In order to successfully satisfy everyone’s travel preferences, we must take into account local and individual tastes thus making our product and service truly personalized.