Product Director (Hotels Products)

We are seeking a Product Director who will be responsible for developing our key Hotels business, which includes three products: Hotelbox and Supply Integrations, Web and Extranet.

Reports to: Chief Product Officer
Direct reports: Product Owner for HotelBox and Supply Integrations, Product Owner for Web, Product Owner for Content.

Learn more about teams:
The team for connecting external hotel inventory suppliers is responsible for connecting suppliers and their technical management, ensuring that integrations work effectively, resolving technical issues and monitoring the overall status of providers and suppliers (we have over 130 of them).
The search and core business logic team is responsible for a group of services encompassing search and booking of specific rates, pricing, and customizing everything to do with the bookings management process – from creating bookings to storing and processing them.
The interface development team (UI and UX) handles all development processes involving visual changes to our hotel (B2B and B2C) products: from product analysis to implementing unique designs.
The team for developing the product for directly connecting hotels develops a service through which hotels gain access to travel agents and corporate clients. In Extranet, a hotelier may independently manage the availability of their own property, rates, room categories, and special offers (as of today we have 36,000+ hotels directly connected to the system).
The team for managing hotel and geo content is responsible for obtaining, processing and generating content for all our hotels (text descriptions, photos, ensuring the search filters deliver the right content and much more).

Job Responsibilities

  • managing, developing and motivating product owners responsible for the air tickets, transfers and rail tickets products;
  • working with product metrics and optimizing them;
  • helping teams to carry out difficult projects and solve problems;
  • collaboration with other product teams to achieve major cross-team targets and implement cross-team projects;
  • setting strategy and tactics for product development, and identifying PMF based on:
  1. a deep dive into the industry
  2. competitors analysis
  3. the collection of feedback from users, analysis of their problems and needs
  4. collected quantitative and qualitative data from operations with the products
  5. collaboration with the business teams
  6. requirements of the product teams

Key Qualifications

  • experience of managing РОs (at least 2) of at least 2 years, or experience of POs of at least 5 years;
  • experience of managing large product teams (5 people or more);
  • professional experience with a large volume of heterogeneous data (SQL, GA, Metrika) and an ability to reach conclusions on its basis;
  • experience of crafting product metrics, an ability to identify the key ones, collect and influence them, and work with products P&L.
  • an ability to read code or experience of developing / to prototype and carry out UX research will be an advantage.

We Offer You

  • 100% official salary;
  • remote work;
  • a flexible timetable — we don’t require you to be online or in the office at 09:00 sharp. You can start work at a time that suits you;
  • interesting and ambitious tasks that will take you to the next professional level;
  • learning: seminars, trainings and conferences. If you want to participate in a conference,we will help to organize it.
  • private health insurance;
  • team-building activities: movie nights, quizzes, thematic parties, annual trips to the countryside, football and volleyball matches;
  • corporate discounts on hotels and other services;
  • a young and active team of super specialists.
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