29.09.2021 29.09.2021
RateHawk expands collaboration possibilities and launches affiliate tools
RateHawk.com, an online service for booking hotels, flight tickets, and transfers for travel professionals, has developed a new tool: now it is possible to collaborate with RateHawk via new affiliate model, within which RateHawk partners will be able to sell hotels using their own online resources and receive additional income.

The tool will be especially relevant for online services and travel agencies that want to expand their assortment of services and launch the sale of hotels on their websites but at the same time cannot invest significant resources in the technological development of their own system or are not ready for complex integrations with suppliers. These affiliate tools can also be used by owners of travel blogs and similar websites who want to monetize B2C traffic and receive additional income.

In order to use the new tools, a partner needs to connect their RateHawk affiliate account, create a referral link or widget, and place them on their website. In this way, a partner can offer its website visitors the possibility to find and book a hotel from more than 1.5 million accommodation options. For each successful booking, partners will receive a commission of 5% of the total amount of the booking.

Felix Shpilman, CEO of Emerging Travel Group, which manages RateHawk, commented: “We understand how complicated it is for our partners to develop their businesses in conditions of instability and remaining restrictions. Therefore, we want collaboration with RateHawk to be convenient and profitable for them. This was our goal when we launched the new affiliate tools, which can become an additional source of revenue for companies that do not require them to incur any expenses. We take care of all customer support issues for all users who have made a booking so partners do not need to allocate additional time or resources – they start earning immediately.”

Information about bookings and the amount of commission that partners will receive is available in the affiliate account in the desktop version of the RateHawk platform; it is updated real-time so partners will always have access to current data. Commissions for past bookings are paid out once a month after checkout.

Both new and existing partners of RateHawk can connect to the affiliate tools. To do this, new users should choose the affiliate type of collaboration when registering on the platform. Existing partners can connect their affiliate account by themselves in the contract settings or contact their account manager for help.